Community Health Profile

The Community Health Profile Profile is a valuable resource that can be used to track trends in the health of our local communities and to help address programming and policy-making decisions. The ultimate goal of the Profile is to develop an efficient and meaningful way to track causes of morbidity and mortality among residents of communities in the Naugatuck Valley Health District and the Pomperaug Health District, along as well as the state’s three largest cities (Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven), as compared with Connecticut as a whole.

The Community Health Profile (CHP) Custom Reports Generator allows users to create custom reports by selecting a subset(s) of data by: year, location and category. For instance, this tool would enable users to create a town specific report on one or all indicators, or create a report on lung cancer for all towns in the profile.

The Community Health Profile was first produced in 1998 under its original title of Valley Health Profile. The purpose was to create a report whereby comparisons could be made between the health of the populations of the Valley and the state of Connecticut and to present Valley agencies with a useful, comprehensive document to inform program and policy decision-making. A second edition, including identified trends from previous and updated data, was produced in 2000. A third edition, renamed the “Community Health Profile (CHP)”, was published in 2004 and included health information for not only the Valley and the state of Connecticut, but also for three of Connecticut’s largest cities, Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven. A fourth edition was published in 2007 and included data from a longer period of time, spanning 1995 to 2005, which helped identify meaningful trends and continued surveillance of trends in health and disease in the aforementioned communities.

The current edition (2009-2010) posted in 2012 has been enhanced to include a searchable database with report writing capabilities so that users can generate custom reports based on subsets of the data. The current edition includes data from three additional towns – Naugatuck, Southbury and Woodbury, and a longer period of time which helps to identify meaningful trends and continue surveillance of trends in health and disease in the aforementioned communities. The Profile now includes complete data for the Naugatuck and Pomperaug Health Districts.

As with prior versions of the Valley Health Profile/Community Health Profile, included in this report are the methods and sources used to collect the data, summaries of results for each health risk, a discussion of limitations in the data analyses, and interpretation of results. The continued goal is to increase the collection of comprehensive data to be included in subsequent editions of this health profile, as well as to explore ways for a meaningful integration of the data in the report with other currently existing, or developing, databases for optimal data sharing at the community level throughout the state.

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