PRC Research & Findings

The PRC is a community-based disease prevention and health promotion center. We do our best work when people with interests, expertise or experience join our efforts.

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Core Research Projects

During each 5-year funding cycle, we use a portion of our funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to support a core research project that uses community-based research to benefit the health of residents of our local communities. Our core projects serve as models to promote health and prevent chronic diseases in other communities across the country.
PREDICT (Partners Reducing Effects of Diabetes: Initiatives through Collaboration and Teamwork) 
Previous 5-year Funding Cycle
Partners Reducing Effects of Diabetes: Initiatives through Collaboration and Teamwork (PREDICT) used community-based research to help reduce the incidence and complications of Type 2 diabetes among African-American residents of New Haven. PREDICT used a Community Health Advisor (CHA) approach to educate people who were at risk of developing diabetes. We formed partnership teams with New Haven residents and representatives of churches, health centers, and state and local agencies. We asked residents what would help prevent diabetes in their community, and studied effective examples of other community diabetes prevention programs. We then selected a faith-based approach to reach our target population. We recruited 21 members of New Haven churches to serve as Community Health Advisors (CHAs). We trained them to provide diabetes prevention education and social support to residents. The CHAs worked through their churches, health fairs, and other settings to educate local residents about diabetes prevention. Our study showed a significant improvement in diabetes knowledge among CHAs and our target population, and demonstrated the feasibility of using a Community Health Advisor model in this setting.
TRIAD (Translational Research Intervention Against Diabetes) 
5-year cycle beginning in September 2009
Translational Research Intervention Against Diabetes (TRIAD) will build upon the design and findings of the PREDICT study to reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes among African Americans. We plan to return to the New Haven community to deliver a community-based diabetes intervention program which will again use the CHA model to deliver information. The intervention will focus on using 3 “portals” to reach community members: schools, churches, and health centers. We will partner with members of the New Haven community to design and implement our study.