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Title: Wellness Initiatives For Improved Tomorrows (WINFIT)
Status: Current
Topic: Health Promotion & Wellness
Funding Source: Griffin Hospital/CDC
Funding Period: 2005-ongoing
Study Design: N/A
Purpose: The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive employee wellness program with a core focus on nutrition, physical activity and chronic disease management.
Further Study Details: Griffin Hospital is committed to promoting the health and well-being of its employees and their families. Its WINFIT initiative maintains a workplace that encourages environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle and encompasses a mind/body/spirit approach to health. It offers a comprehensive employee wellness program with a core focus on nutrition, physical activity, and chronic disease management. The program is tailored to address employees’ interests and health needs; address policy, environmental, and social/cultural components; and encourage employee participation. Components include: on-site weight loss/management programs; a carpeted stairwell with motivational signs; exercise classes; pedometers; monthly nutrition talks; nutrition information for cafeteria selections; depression screening; and financial management classes.

In 2009, the PRC designed a Health Makeover Program for Griffin employees at greatest risk for developing chronic diseases. It offers an intensive 3-month intervention followed by 3-9 months of ongoing support and focuses on helping participants to adopt healthier lifestyle habits that include physical activity, nutrition, and weight management. Participants receive web-based and group support, nutrition counseling, opportunities for physical activity at the worksite, and tools to set goals and track progress. To qualify, employees must meet certain criteria based on chronic disease risk and indicate a commitment to adopt a healthful lifestyle.

In 2010, the PRC partnered with the hospital cafeteria management on a Healthy Dining program to encourage employees to make healthful food choices and provide incentives for doing so. Initially, the cafeteria is offering 2 or 3 daily menu selections that meet specific nutrition criteria; these are promoted as the WINFIT Selection of the Day with a 10% price discount. Over time, the cafeteria will offer an increasing number of healthful selections. Sales will be tracked to assess the program’s effect on food selections. This program will also benefit local residents and hospital visitors who use the cafeteria. 
Eligibility: Yale Griffin Hospital employees and their families.

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