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Title: Automated Guidance Tool for Medical Encounters Addressing Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (AuGMEnT)
Status: Current
Topic: Health Promotion & Wellness
Funding Source: VioCare Technologies, Inc. through funding by NIH/SBIR
Funding Period: 2007-2011
Study Design: Non-Randomized
Purpose: To create an automated web-based program to support healthcare organizations that wish to identify and help patients develop healthier lifestyles but who cannot commit adequate resources and time to this activity.
Further Study Details: To develop assessment and counseling tools for nutrition and physical activity that complement the physician’s assessment and treatment plan. The system is designed for the patients to respond to questionnaire prompts on a handheld computer in the physician’s office. Software will classify those responses into behavior models, and generate assessments and recommendations tailored to the needs of the patient. Reports evaluating nutrition and fitness status and a “readiness to change” score with treatment recommendations based on an impediment profiler (a novel behavior change construct) are generated.
Findings: This study is expected to be completed by 2011, at which time results will be available.
Eligibility: Adults of both genders

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