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Title: Technical Skills for Weight Management
Status: Completed
Topic: Obesity / Weight Management
Funding Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Funding Period: 10/98-10/00
Study Design: Randomized Controlled Trial
Purpose: To compare conventional dietary counseling to a novel, group-based skill-building program on long-term weight management (loss and maintenance) in women.
Further Study Details: A total of 80 women participated in this weight loss study; half were assigned to the conventional dietary counseling group, while the other half were assigned to the skill-building group. The skill-building program included educational lectures, a supermarket shopping tour conducted by a registered dietitian, dining at 2 restaurants which included instruction on healthful menu selections, and a home visit conducted by the dietitian who evaluated the participant’s pantry selections and supervised the preparation of a meal. The study lasted for one year; participants were evaluated at 6, 12, and 24 months.
Findings: Although both groups demonstrated weight loss, participants receiving the conventional (individualized) office-based counseling lost more weight than did those in the skillbuilding group. Compared to their baseline values, both groups were able to maintain some weight loss one year following the intervention. Data analysis showed a significant decrease in the percent of fat consumed in the diet among those in the skill-building group, and an increase in physical activity patterns. The effects of the skill-based intervention on dietary intake behavior and physical activity patterns are encouraging, and warrant further study.
Eligibility: Overweight/obese adult women.

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