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Topic Title Status
detail Physical Activity Physician Counseling and Patient Risk Factors for Chronic Disease: Training Resident Physicians to Promote Physical Activity: A Randomized Trial Completed
detail Smoking Cessation Worksite Smoking Cessation Program: Creating Healthy and Nicotine-free Griffin Employees (CHANGE) Completed
detail Smoking Cessation Adolescent Smoking Cessation Program: Amity High School Completed
detail Smoking Cessation Impediment Profiling for Smoking Cessation: Evaluation Using a Retrospective Cohort Design Completed
detail Smoking Cessation Tailored Interventions for Smoking Cessation (TISC) Completed
detail Violence Prevention Evaluating the Impact of Conflict Resolution on Urban Children's Violence-Related Attitudes and Behaviors in New Haven, Connecticut, through a Community–Academic Partnership Completed
detail Violence Prevention Reaching Emotions through Arts-Based Creative Teaching (REACT) Completed
detail Community Community Health Profile (CHP) Current
detail Community Valley CARES (Community Assessment, Research, and Education for Solutions) Current
detail Community Drug-Free Communities Support Program Evaluation Current
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