Investigator Inquiries

The Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center (PRC) offers a unique opportunity to engage in academic and community partnerships, providing linkages to many communities with the state and beyond.

There are several ways in which investigators can collaborate with the PRC:

  1. Investigators can collaborate on PRC initiatives
  2. The PRC can support an investigator's project, if their research is consistent with the mission of the PRC; or
  3. Investigators and PRC research staff can develop new protocols in collaboration with one of the PRC's community-based Theme Teams.

The PRC staff can support investigators in various ways. These include grant writing, proposal development, data analysis, and project management.

If you are interested in discussing a project with the PRC, please contact Beth Comerford, Deputy Director at 203-732-1265, ext. 224; beth.comerford@yalegriffinprc.org . She will arrange a time for you to meet with the appropriate PRC staff to discuss our common research interests and potential collaborations.