Resources for Schools

Here you can find general resources for teachers, administrators, and other school staff. VITAHLS working group and subcommittee members should contact VITAHLS Coordinator Kim Doughty for access to information about meeting dates/agendas/summaries, and announcements.

This engaging elementary school program for grades K-5 uses brief structured "bursts" of physical activity, spread out over the school day, adding up to at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity in the classroom. It is designed to convert time typically spent getting restless students to settle down, or distracted students to concentrate, into productive bursts of physical activity. This can help enhance concentration, behavior, and learning.

This free online video library helps adults to fit brief bouts of physical activity into their daily schedules. It offers options based on each user’s time, interest, need, fitness level, and setting such as the home or office. Each video includes 3 to 8 minutes of physical activity sequences for the upper body, lower body, or core. Funding was provided by the Turn the Tide Foundation and the California Walnut Board.

This 90-minute program teaches 5 clues to make healthful food choices using food labels and ingredient lists. It includes a presentation, demonstration, and hands-on activity.

Tips and Flyers to Promote the Programs to Schools
Teacher Training PowerPoint

This overview can be followed by showing either version of the program presentation materials (PowerPoint and/or video)

Program Presentation Materials

There are twp presentation options available:

  1. PowerPoint slide show –allows the instructor to interact with the audience
  2. Video presentation – shows the program developers teaching students in a “magical” classroom
Program Manuals

Teacher's Manual

Video Manual (Supplement to Teacher’s Manual)

Supplemental Educational Materials (Optional)

Handout or Poster: 5 Clues for Nutrition Detectives

Family Edition: Educational Booklet

Family Assignment: Use the 5 Clues in Your Kitchen

Supplemental Promotional Materials (Optional)

These are templates for materials that you can arrange to on your own

Evaluation Instrument (Optional)

This “Food Label Literacy for Applied Nutrition Knowledge” (FLLANK) assessment tool is also known as the “Food Label Quiz.”

Published Articles

PRC Director Dr. David Katz has developed these online music videos for ‘tweens (upper elementary and middle school age students). They are meant to be fun and engaging, while inspiring youth to take ownership of their health. The videos encourage them to think about unhealthful ingredients that could be lurking in their processed foods, and to consider making wiser food choices. Funding has been provided by the Turn the Tide Foundation.

Official Web Site

This middle school nutrition education program is designed to motivate, teach, and help students to develop practical skills to make healthful food choices and adopt a physically active lifestyle. It includes a Prezi presentation and seven optional hands-on activities.

PLEASE NOTE: This program was first developed as a PowerPoint and pilot-tested in two school districts. Since then, it has been converted to a Prezi lesson with expanded content, but the revised program has not yet been formally evaluated.